Welcome to the official website for The WhoDeannyPod! We are excited to produce podcasts on a range of subjects and with a great roster of special guests.

Since you’re here on our webpage, we assume we’ve done something to pique your curiosity and want to continue doing so. Feel free to use the comments section (kindly!) to ask us questions, make suggestions and give us feedback. We also love interaction via Facebook and Twitter @WhoDeannyPod.

Last thing: your podcast subscriptions and reviews will help us grow wisely and well. We appreciate both. Here’s our RSS feed so you can listen to any and all of our pods. We’re also on iTunes and Stitcher.

From now until Christmas, we’ll keep our list of Rachel’s favorite Christmas songs here for easy access.

Thanks for checking us out!


P. S. Here’s our most recent short video. Spread the word!




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