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The father of my children has gone mad. He’s spent every night for the last 5 weeks putting together a boat. A giant, absurd boat. Somehow he convinced Ham and Japheth to help. Thank goodness Shem is still willing to get water for me in the evenings. 

What I don’t understand is what’s gone wrong. Noah has been a good dad, a great farmer, and the best healer around. Now? He’s lost his mind. And I’m not even allowed to ask about his precious boat. Our kadosh is broken. 

 © Gayle Force Press 2020

From the Garden

Maybe we learned

The pleasure of sin

From Adam, not Eve


Maybe we learned 

The power of sex

From Adam, not Eve


Maybe Cain learned

That Abel could die

From Adam, not Eve


Maybe we learned

The earth could be tamed

From Adam, not Eve


Maybe we learned 

That wars could be ‘won’

From Adam, not Eve




© Gayle Force Press 2011

A poem by Franklin Oliver 

April’s Last



Soon will be May again

That darling month of poems, flowers,

Gaiety and holidays

Till then though, 

April will hold fast

To its power to sway

The fragile moods of humans

With wind, sun, buds and storms

Performing their spontaneously choreographed dance

Raw and intemperate

In full, unceasing view of us all



© Gayle Force Press 2012

A poem by Franklin Oliver 




Almost Autumn



Mom’s sick 

And the baby’s just been born

These are the days when life matters most


We ignore all the trees that failed to bloom

In front of the houses that hold

Not close enough 

Little bitty families of great big people

And there’s so much ‘just in case’

In every day we spend

And spend and spend


© Gayle Force Press 2006


Rain Shower


God causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain for the righteous and the unrighteous.

-Matthew 5:45



Most days I stand still

When the sky begins to rain

Letting nature dictate to me

How I should feel

What my condition should be


I’ve imagined it a shower

Somehow cleansing me

Washing away the stains

Of my dirty, daily life


Today I avoided the rain

Feeling too dirty

Much too stained

To be cleaned

Even by the rain



© Gayle Force Press 2002 


Trash Day



The strong, nearly intoxicating

Smell of burning trash

Comes to me past a state park,

an ancient river that gave this
place its name,

3 creeks,

a gorgeous pond,

and half a medium-sized city.



At least

That’s what my imagination tells

I want to believe that if the
trash burners truly exist

They live in spheres separate from

There can be no points of mutual

No chance that I’ll take the
parking spot they covet

Or that they could snag the last
copy of the Gazette where I stop

For my coffeedonutpaper


Not those folks.

People who are my bogeymen

These fearsome apparitions.



I know all about the east side of
this not so large town.

The pond I’ve heard about,

Those several creeks that may be
only a windy one,

The valley where a river ran dry,

And the state park I’m afraid to



© Gayle Force Press 2002



Four Season State


Winter in Indiana

Is a confusing blend of possibilities

And patterns

There will be snow

Sooner or later

A little or a lot


Wind will cause grief

But rarely damage

The ice will send many to the hospital

Few to the morgue

Still we’ll chatter intently

About the rain and the snow

The cold sunny days

And the joy

Of a four season state



© Gayle Force Press 2008



The First Fires


There were massive thunderstorms last night in the Indianapolis area. This morning there were multiple houses on fire and the common response seems to have been shock. It's almost as though we forgot that lightning can generate fire. I suppose that's okay. After all, in modern America, we are dramatically unaccustomed to being subject to the whims of nature.


The storm and aftermath made me wonder again about the initial human relationship to fire. I have lots of questions but no answers…


How many times have people discovered fire?

What was the first source of ‘controlled’ fire? Was it lightning; was it lava?

Was it an accident?

How long ago did it happen?

Were the people who found it hailed or cursed?

Did those individuals become powerful as a result?

Did it happen multiple times in the same place or in different places?

Have other animals ever ‘controlled’ fire?

If not, when will it happen?


Lots of questions but no answers.