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Link Archive

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Justified Use of Force

The WhoDeannyPod  Most Recent Show

The WhoDeannyPod Show Archive  

Dreams and Premonitions

Joe Biden campaign page

Iowa caucus chaos

Interpreter of Maladies 

The Poet X  

The White Space 

Bale on Cruise 

Cruise on Letterman 

The Sociopath Next Door 

Brebeuf controversy 

Adam and Eve stories

Brebeuf Brave shirt

The Cool Villains Podcast!

Justice Under God– Fr. Pedro Arrupe

If 6 Was 9

St. Vincent de Paul

Crooked Creek Food Pantry

Kanon Tipton (~1:20 is the reference)

Christmas in July 

Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight

People react to being called beautiful 


College Admissions scandal  

Debt After Life

John Mulaney — Majoring in English

Decision Fatigue  

Malcolm X on the Very Vicious Cycle of Poverty

A Thread on Standardized Tests 

Since Parkland

Police Family Violence Fact Sheet

Effort to Fund CDC gun research

Student Walkout Pod

Fast and Slow Thinking 

The More Facebook You Use.. 

Disney Princesses


THE LION KING (1994) Scene: “Long live the King”/Mufasa’s Death

 Muhammad AliThe Greatest!

Hiram Revels

John Lewis’ March and

Walking With the Wind

Thanks, Obama!

Trade Deadline Roundup

Happy Birthday, Rosa Parks. 

The Netherlands

Midwinter Poetry Pod 

The Netherlands!  

Shutdown Impacts 

Trump International Hotel 

Betting POTUS lies 

Cashing in on lies 

Rachel’s Christmas favorites

God On Trial  

I Am Rohingya

The Holocaust in American Life 

Jay Winter on WWI 

Tree of Life photos

Tree of Life in NatGeo

Tree of Life Pittsburgh news 

Hate Crimes Bill pod

1984 by George Orwell

Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars plan 

Reagan pod 

SPLC hate map

Singapore! Part One

Mosaic Stairway

Gardens by the Bay


Listen to O.D.D.I.T.Y. 

Trump’s shrinking popularity

Trump a tool of Russia?

McCarthy on Putin paying Trump

Trump wants to drop Pence as his VP candidate

Paul Manafort tricked Trump into choosing Pence

Loving Vincent

“When Death Comes” by Mary Oliver 

Tony Parker to Charlotte

NBA Free Agency origins

LeBron’s Decision changed the NBA

Kevin Pelton on Jordan vs. LeBron


Birmingham Jail

The power of the placebo effect

Good News Network

Denim Day

How to contact U.S. Senators

Leviticus tattoos

Enlightenment Now by Steven Pinker


Birmingham Jail

The power of the placebo effect

Rosie the Riveter

Fresh Air

Good News Network

Denim Day

 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

How to contact U.S. Senators

Leviticus tattoos

Shakespeare on thinking

Immigrant Welcome Center


Celebrate National Poetry Month!

Hamden Rice on MLK

Emma Gonzalez hoax

Martin & Malcolm & America: A Dream or a Nightmare 

The Autobiography of Malcolm X 

Spike Lee’s Malcolm X

The White Space


Dreadlocks are not allowed in some workplaces and schools

Prom Genie

Laramie Project  

Matthew Shepard Foundation 


Student Teachers from Stoneman Douglas

March on Tallahassee 

Central Indiana Women’s Fund

Fr. Greg Boyle 

Tattoos on the Heart  

Once you label me you negate me.

Frederick Douglass’  Birthday

Most Photographed Person of the 19th century

Giants– Lincoln and Douglass

Sheila Kennedy blog

David Duke on Trump

Schools impacted by hate

2017 word of the year: complicit

Lost confidence in American leadership 

Dream Team logo pic

25th Amendment Redux-Mueller Edition 

Roy Moore’s second removal from office

Indiana University Public Health

“Creating the Healthiest Nation: Climate Changes Health”

Indiana town recovering from 190 HIV cases 

Miami Pre-Planned Castro Death Party in Orange Bowl  

Miami Cubans party relentlessly after death of Castro

Contact Your Representatives

Diana Ensign 

HEART GUIDE (and Diana’s earlier book TRAVELING SPIRIT) are available from her website

Amazon link to Heart Guide (Also available on Kindle)

Diana’s blog, “Spirituality for Daily Living” is also found on her website.

Terence McKenna, founder of ‘archaic revival’

Don’t Think of an Elephant article

History of Medicare

Emotional Valence

The Dark Arts of Attentional Design

Last Train from Overbrook– James Moody

Joe Arpaio pardon acceptance

Diane Nash

Nash quote

Rodney King

Eleanor Bumpers

Bree Newsome 

Patrisse Cullors

Jody David Armour

Alicia Garza 

Antonio French 

Indy 10


Franklin @ the Race Card Project

Franklin and Jake in the Indianapolis Recorder 

Ferguson and Jake- Franklin’s blog post on parenting a White son in the aftermath of the murder of Michael Brown

Great article on Lilith Fair

James Clapper on Trump  

Franklin’s book, Myths  

Transmissions by Jalen Rice

The Great American Eclipse website

Foundation and Earth– Isaac Asimov

Tales from the shadow of the moon