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It’s a Laugh!

My wife has some very traditional Pentecostal family members. She said about them…

"It's like they missed the Renaissance." 


What next?

The best quote I've seen about Sarah Palin so far

"[Sarah Palin] may resurface as a latter-day Hannity or she may
found some Palin-specific Anti-Defamation League dedicated to calling out
obscure bloggers who've written mean things about her. But what very little
shot she had as a future presidential candidate (and it was a much longer shot
than I think many realized) is over. She's done. She's back to what she was —
a small person looking for someone to be angry at."

Josh Marshall 


Welcome 2006, Thanks 2007!

Wow. What a year. I’m sitting here listening to (You Know) That I Want You by George Michael, really enjoying my rainy Sunday afternoon and reflecting on 2006.

I married the love of my life in 2006. She makes me happier than I ever knew I wanted to be.

After that, most other things suffer by the comparison but still so much has been so good. My family survived, and somehow became closer in this first year of our existence without my mom. my home family has prospered in some beautiful tangible and intangible ways. I’m still a really lucky person.

People in our families battled through illness and fatigue, suffering and loss in 2006 and we’re all making our way into 2007.

We’ve had the good fortune to share part of our year with people who are important to us if not as close as we once were. It is always wonderful to share memories and reflections with the folks who occupy important space in our individual hearts.

Remember to keep dividing your sorrows and multiplying your joys!