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Welcome Back…


It's been about a month since I posted on this blog and although I've missed doing it, I think the time away was helpful. I'm fully into the swing of teaching this semester and I think I have a little more intellectual energy right now. (Insert joke here.)

I lost a substantial cache of documents including many blog 'posts in preparation' due to my own computer errors and I'm frustrated but okay with those losses. For those of you who have asked me why I'm leaving fish behind and moving to a purely vegetarian diet, sorry. The thoughtfully worded response is gone.

My guess is that I will be a much better blogger as I develop a schedule that will make sense but that's not quite ready yet. It will happen soon and I intend to more consistently send my thoughts out into the blogosphere even if they fail the test of full formation. After all, I fail that test myself.

Be well!




Welcome Back!

Since it’s been a few weeks since I’ve blogged (a few other major preoccupations and situations have interfered) I have lots to say on lots of subjects. Let’s see if I can knock out several posts in the next few days.

And remember, forwarding is easy!



Welcome to the Package Deal! This blog is intended to be fun and serious, light and dark in appropriate measure. You can expect to read about politics, sports, culture, writing and anything else that strikes. We’re also open to suggestions and feedback. A variety of voices will find expression here and hey, isn’t that what the blogosphere is all about?!? So let’s get started!

Package Deal People


Welcome to the Gayle Force Press blog. We are new to the blogosphere and very excited to share news, thoughts, reflections, questions and poetry!

Feel free to post, comment and share to, on, with and about this blog. You may also send e-mail to . While there will be poems from other people featured on this blog, it is primarily a staging ground for poems by Franklin Oliver. We’ll be excited to let you know who else decides to post here.

Thanks for visiting!

The Gayle Force Press team