Passed away, passed on, passed.

Ended, terminated, concluded.

The ‘N’ Word.

hoo hoo, coochee, wee wee, pee pee, doo doo, poo.

Why is it that so many of the most (and often least) important things in our lives are hidden or at least obscured by our almost pervasive use of obfuscating language? I consistently ask my students to use adult words to discuss adult realities but they seem to be almost congenitally incapable.

Except that it’s not about them at all. Or any of us individually. It’s a full fledged societal dilemma that probably concerns only me but c’mon, can we please start saying what we mean? I understand and appreciate political correctness as much as anyone but I don’t think our overwrought refusal to speak clearly is about fear of offense but fear of discomfort. The perception seems to be that if we only talk about uncomfortable things obtusely they will somehow be less uncomfortable.

Is that really even true? Should it make me more comfortable to talk about my mother’s death by saying she’s passed away? She’s just as dead, isn’t she?

And does my saying that raise your hackles? Just wondering.

Much more to come.

It’s true! Two weeks away from work/school for me. Lots of holidays, decent weather, extra family time and best of all, Rachel home for more than a week! Wow, what could be finer?!? (Except early retirement I guess.)

I hope everyone is/has been enjoying the holidays.


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