Dead Man Walking

In the meantime, here’s an oldie but a goodie…

Dead Man Walking

Yesterday I saw
For the first time I’m sure
A dead man

We were driving on a state highway
Out where the markers
Have only numbers
Or family names

And just as the houses began to bunch
There he was
On the side of the road
Head flung forward into the grass

I barely noticed as we passed
But then the image crystallized
The spread legs, knees grounded
And back bent in full prostration

It was half a mile before my foot registered
What my mind had seen
And forced the car to brake

I circled around in a driveway
Where a young tank topped man
Smiled in his confusion

I didn’t turn to look at him again
As I left the driveway
Having noticed the dead man
Now standing
Wiping the dirt from his jeans

© Gayle Force Press 2006

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