Party not constituents

this has not been fully fleshed out yet (ah, the joys of blogging) so apologies for any obvious oversights…

Does it strike anyone else as a very bad sign that so few House Republicans joined the Dems in supporting the anti-surge resolution?

Since the resolution had no teeth it would have been very easy for GOPers to sign on to it and signal their willingness to support the views of their constitutents. Certainly there are some districts where, for all practical purposes, there has no political shift since 2003 but those are few and far between. For nearly all the others, breaking ranks with the White House on this resolution would have had virtually no consequences. Since there were so many voting for it no real punishment could have followed. However instead of showing even a hint of independence the sheep followed their leaders once again.

Please understand, this kind of partisan idiocy exists on both sides of the aisle but it is sad that given an easy, cost free opportunity to reflect the depth of concern about Iraq, far too many Republicans just followed the footprints on the floor. The same footprints that three months ago made them members of the minority party in both houses…


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