I’m watching Tommy, actually just the last 45 minutes or so. I don’t know Tommy other than a couple songs. In fact, it’s only been in the last nine months or so that I’ve listened to my first Who album in its entirety. I’ve heard many of their singles on the radio but none of my music listener friends were ever into the Who while we shared music. Rachel has some of their albums but it’s not part of our shared musical vocab at all. So far, Tommy seems like about five music videos thrown all together. Since I didn’t see the start of the film I don’t know any of the connections. Other than this messiah stuff (which must have maddened the conservative element, right?) anyway.

Okay, so why is Roger Daltrey even in this band? It certainly isn’t as though Pete Townshend needed him to get any of the music out, yes? Is it because Daltrey is the kind of frontman who garnered attention? He’s very handsome, has the long hair and skinny legs which combined which manic energy probably made the concert experience much more 70s typical. hmmm. The whole thing is very curious to me.

Hmmm. Hopefully I’ll make a concerted effort to hear more Who.


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