So Into You

Definitely not punk music. I’ve been discovering Atlanta Rhythm Section lately. This is a 70s ‘Southern Rock’ group that sounds like an interesting cross between Fleetwood Mac, the Doobie Brothers, England Dan/John Ford Coley and Steely Dan with a dash of Eagle thrown in.

The song ‘So Into You’ is an adult contemporary sort of track that rarely gets played on those stations but really should be a staple. They had a few top 40 songs, including So Into You and Spooky but never hit it big. My guess is that because ARS was so comfortable doing rootsy stuff with very little California spin they fell between the cracks a bit, perhaps in the same way that the Indigo Girls don’t really fit the formats of radio stations. (I’d be interested to know what other bands you think have that same problem.)

Regardless, ARS has numerous hidden gems on this 20th century collection I’ve been listening to. A brilliant singer, two versatile guitarists and 70s perfect polish production. Great combo.


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