Cry Me A River

Okay, here’s the link. The Sports Guy on writes about Cry Me A River as “the most destructively vengeful song of all-time”. My wife and I have been talking about this for a couple years now. It’s hard for me to remember sometimes (or maybe I just want to forget) but Britney was the first White Aailyah.

{Eventually I ‘ll work through why NKOTV was the Black New Edition but it seems so obvious I haven’t bothered.}

When Aaliyah died it was national mourning for Black America; I suppose what we’re seeing now is the possibible slow death of Britney.

In Freakonomics, there’s a great line from Stephen Dubner about Britney Spears being ‘an effect not a cause’ (of her given name not anything more, uh, public). I like to think of her that way sometimes, ‘an effect not a cause’.

Apparently, vengeance hath no fury like a Justin scorned.


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