NBA Playoffs

Yes it’s true. My hope for these most exciting playoff series has petered out. The Suns can only be furious that the dirty players (and while Horry is not dirty, his shot on Nash certainly was) won out and the guys who tried to do it the right way have lost their best opportunity as a group. Now, if Stoudamire, a pick and some cash can be converted or (even better for the Suns) Shawn Marion into KG, we can write about how wonderful Phoenix is/will be for the next 3 years. Let’s hope.

Let’s also hope that the Warriors can get a couple more tough minded players that fit the mold they’re creating. The Fun Bunch needs a little more muscle and a little more grit. Big Shot (not Cheap Shot) Rob would be a great fit for a crunch time center for Nellie.


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