GOP debate tonight!

I am looking forward to tonight’s Republican debate. The million dollar question on my mind is this: Which Republican(s) will attempt to vault into top tier status at the xpense of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani?

Romney is an easy target and I imagine at least a couple candidates will jab at him at least indirectly. My guess is that there will be a stronger, more pointed attack on Giuliani over abortion. This is still the big ticket issue for a great number of social conservatives who can forgive nearly anything else. Death penalty? Optional. Gay marriage? No sell but there’s at least wiggle room. Abortion? Fuggedaboudit. We don’t vote for you.

While it’s true that Romney has also been, uh, inconsistent, about his perspectives on abortion, Giuliani is more likely to be the subject of a bromide this evening. He’s the bigger target and seems so, pardon the pun, divorced, from his religious principles, Romney can at least couch his change as connected to his personal religious journey. No one would buy that from Giuliani.

Tonight should be fun.


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