Turkeys in the Straw (Poll)

Isn’t it interesting how the straw poll results are being parsed? Mike Huckabee is the big winner with 2nd place while Mitt Romney’s win is perceived as unconvincing. Huckabee is a protestant minister from Arkansas. He only won 2nd by a small margin of about 400 votes. No one has decided that 3rd place Sam Brownback was a big winner. Peculiar.

Also consider that Romney is a clear outsider in Iowa in multiple dimensions. He’s a Mormon, he’s from MA, he’s perceived as a slick elitist and he’s the flippiest of floppers on issues critically important to conservatives. I wonder how his team can re-write the conventional wisdom and impress upon the national public (and Iowans) that his victory really was substantial and meaningful. If he can’t, he’ll have a massive struggle regaining momentum.

Sure Romney spent lots of money in Iowa. Suddenly people are acting as though the use of money renders his victory invalid. Uh, let’s be honest, anyone who wins a nomination from either the GOP or Democratic parties is going to spend huge money. Pretending that spending money is a problem seems ridiculous.


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