and away we go…


NBA 2007-08 preseason predictions

NBA Champion: Phoenix
Western Conference Champion: Phoenix
Eastern Conference Champion: Chicago (if Kobe trade goes through), Boston (if Kobe doesn’t move to the Bulls)
Pacific Division Champion: Phoenix
Northwest Division Champion: Utah
Southwest Division Champion: Dallas
Southeast Division Champion: Washington
Central Division Champion: Chicago
Atlantic Division Champion: Boston
MVP: Garnett, Nash, Amare, Arenas, Bryant*
Rookie of the Year: Kevin Durant (who else?)
Most Improved Player: Leandro Barbosa
Coach of the Year: Skiles, D’Antoni, O’Brien, Thomas, Saunders

* A friend presented me with interesting speculation about Kobe. It is his opinion that Kobe is likely to begin the season on a vicious tear intended to generate broader interest for the Lakers’ potential trade partners and force the Lakers’ hand. (As a Kobe fantasy owner I hope he’s right!) Kobe may be the one guy in the league who can put up such monstrous stats that he gets MVP love even with a mediocre team. If he lands in the Windy City as is rumored who knows how well he’ll be appreciated.

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