The clippers/Grizzlies game tonight reached 3:00 left in the fourth quarter at 10:18. (I didn’t notice at the time but DVRd the game so I was able to check.) Because there was an overtime period the game ended at 10:59. The coaches used their time outs smartly and in the flow of the game. Fouls were generally good, smart fouls and nothing problematic happened. But it was 41 minutes!

Please understand this was a well played, fun, exciting game. The teams played hard, individuals excelled, the tremendous range and diversity of NBA talent was wonderfully displayed. But the denouement lasted 41 minutes. Including one that included a Clipper foul and final mad dash to the bucket after Memphis had a 6 point lead and the ball with 03.2 seconds left.

It should be on the horizon of concerns that an NBA game can not unreasonably take 41 minutes to play the last 8 minutes of action. An alteration to the rules regarding the frequency of timeouts needs to be on the table. Other rules change during the last two minutes of the game. Perhaps timeouts should be less available as well.


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