5 55s?

There’s a chance that after tomorrow’s games end the regular season, 5 teams in the West will have records of 55-27. New Orleans and San Antonio have to lose (NO twice) while Utah, Phoenix and Houston need victories. As playoff seeding and home court advantages are still up in the air this seems an unlikely scenario because the Hornets have the Clippers at home tonight, however, the Clips may be just the kind of team that will cause trouble for the Hornets. While not precisely locked in to a lottery position, the Clippers know there’s virtually no chance the Knicks or Grizzlies are going to win games at this point in the season and with a frustrated but talented core in their last games together, LA’s second team may rally around the chance to go out on a positive note. Regardless, it’s an interesting possibility. 5 teams with 55 wins in the same conference? (Hopefully) 3 more with 50+ wins. Astounding.


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