All-NBA second and third teams

All-NBA second team

F- Dirk Nowitzki

With nearly the same production as last year, Nowitzki’s still among the top players in the world despite getting no MVP consideration due to the Mavs underwhelming season. Dirk may have been more valuable this year. Without his quick return from his ankle sprain, the Warriors, not the Mavs would be in the playoffs right now.

F- Carlos Boozer

The Booz still has a personality problem outside Utah thanks to stabbing the Cavs (yes, and their blind owner) in the back. That being said, the Jazz were incredibly impressive this year with Carlos doing all the tough stuff. He’s genuinely become a top notch guy.

C- Dwight Howard

Easy pick here and almost made 1st team. He’ll likely be a fixture on this list for the next 8 to 10 years.

G- Chauncey Billups

Overlooked because of Detroit’s team concept but check out his PER numbers and notice how well he’s defended the top guards in the league this year. It’s hard to believe he was given up for dead early in his career.

G- Steve Nash

Overshadowed because of the rise of the young stud point guards, Nash had another exceptional season. In fact, considering the rancor surrounding the team at the start of the year and the massive changes introduced by the Shaq trade, keeping the Suns near the top of the league is nearly as impressive as the turnaround he produced three seasons ago.

All-NBA third team

F- Tim Duncan

Still one of the best players in the world but this was not his strongest season. Manu was the Spurs best player and Duncan was not able to dominate many games. So he ‘falls’ to 3rd team.

F- Tracy McGrady

2nd longest win streak ever. He’s not my kind of player because of his utter lack of efficiency but he deserves credit.

C- Al Jefferson

Ish. I hate to reward a player from such a bad team but the other strong candidates were either injured, awful offensively or unwilling to be considered centers.

G- Allen Iverson

Still getting it done in his unique, staggering fashion. Amazing.

G- Manu Ginobili

He became the go to guy for the Spurs this year and one of the very best guards in the league. This was supposed to be Tony Parker’s explosive year but it’s Manu who’s taken the ball and run with it.


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