French Open Men’s Final

I’m really excited to watch the Nadal-Federer final today.
For the 3
rd straight year, Federer will attempt to disrupt Nadal’s
undefeated championship streak at Roland Garros.


Both men are incredibly impressive. Fed is #1 and has won
virtually everything else in the sport. Nadal is still the clear #2 and so far
is 27-0 at the French and can tie Borg with 4 straight titles.


The stakes are incredibly high here. If Nadal wins, then
yes, it’s an historic win that some say would make him the best clay courter of all time (somehow surpassing Borg who won 4 in a row and 6 total) and cements his status as the clearest contender for #1
(Djokovic is sniffing around at a strong #3). For Federer, it seems fairly
universal now that if he wins today, he’ll be considered the best tennis player
of all time. That’s a huge statement but he’s been so good that it makes sense.


What takes this match over the top is that both guys have
their impenetrable surfaces (Federer on Wimbledon’s grass is perhaps even more
impressive than Nadal is on the red clay) but the other player is getting
better on their weaker surface. Last year’s French and Wimbledon finals were
both tremendous matches. The contrasts are muting and the tennis is getting
better. What else can we ask for?


Hmmm, how about a fantastic match today then another next
month? Sounds great to me…







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