2008 Finals Game 2 Thoughts

Wow. Game 2 should be referred to as the Great Escape by the
Boston faithful.

What a weird, exasperating game. Leon Powe is the star of
the game? A 24 point lead evaporating in 7 minutes? Kobe Bryant getting
virtually no borderline calls? Rajon Rondo and Vlad Radmanovic both having
their best playoff games on the same night? The Celtics shifting from 5
gear to 2
nd (I’m being generous) with more than half a quarter left
in the game?

Pau Gasol and KG seemed to cancel each other out by not
doing a ton in the 2
nd half.

Lamar Odom’s 5th foul clearly helped the Lakers
play better. He was playing well at the time and seemed ‘into’ the game but his
exit pressed Phil Jackson into playing the scrambling unit that made this a
Heinsohn heart stopper. 

Sadly, I also have to relate that Ray Allen did virtually
nothing in the 4
th quarter. Being a decoy has value I suppose.

What will probably get lost in the news stories about fouls,
the 4
th quarter and Leon Powe is that this was a well played game.
Both teams shot well, hustled consistently, defended solidly and shared the
ball. If we see the rest of the Finals played at such a high level David Stern
will be on Cloud 9 because this is the kind of basketball that will keep people
tuning in.




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