A New TNA Title: Part 2

An additional title might provide inducement for non-TNA
wrestlers who might consider jumping. There are so few top spots in TNA that it
would be difficult to entice a free agent to come to TNA without a specific
guarantee of a World title run. It would be much easier for guys like Bryan
Danielson or Rob Van Dam to join TNA if they were promised a run with this
secondary title. TNA still needs this kind of big acquisition. (More on that


This new title would really enhance house shows. People who
attend TNA house shows do so knowing nothing important will happen. Maybe
that’s okay when you have the celebrity/IT factor of WWE but it will continue
to hamper TNA house business if fans maintain the sense that they’re not going
to see anything special. Having this secondary title change hands occasionally
will up the ante for house shows. As TNA continues its expansion efforts, that
will be a critical element. House shows not only bring ticket and merchandise
sales but help encourage the development of new fans. What does the wrestling
business need more than that?


A secondary heavyweight championship title would further
distinguish the X Division from the Heavyweight Division. The last several
months have really helped the X Division (re)establish its identity nicely.
 Guys like Eric Young and Kaz don’t need
to be wrestling in X Division matches, they need to be working with
heavyweights almost exclusively. Re-casting them as contending for the
secondary heavyweight belt will cement the X Division as a distinct entity,
important unto itself.


Part 3 soon. 


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