Ricky Rubio and Don Nelson- A Perfect Fit?

I can already imagine how desperately Don Nelson wants to
draft Ricky Rubio. He passes beautifully, effectively, creatively and boldly.


Rubio is also a great finisher at the rim (think Manu
Ginobili not Ben Gordon). That’s one of the things Nellie likes most about
Baron Davis and Monta Ellis, when they get to the rim, they score and/or get
fouled. Heck, that was a real strength of Sidney Moncrief back in the day.


Speaking of El Sid, Rubio also rebounds at a surprisingly
high rate. That’s especially helpful on the defensive boards because he’ll be
able to push the ball even more quickly.


Rubio will be a one man press breaker, making it difficult
for teams to slow the Warriors attack.


Particularly when teamed with Ellis they will provide
intense defensive pressure on the backcourts of their opposition.


Since GSW won’t make playoffs this year, they should make a
concerted effort to see which of their talented youngsters will likely
contribute in the long run.


GSW will be a low lottery team next year and can trade their
st rounder and some combination of veteran, young talent and
expiring contract if they have to climb high enough to grab Rubio. Fortunately
for the Warriors, I don’t think there’s much chance that Rubio will actually be
the top pick. There are several guys who may grab that brass ring but Rubio’s
game won’t naturally translate to all the relevant GMs and coaches. Derrick
Rose’s likely struggles in Chicago won’t help push Rubio to the top of the draft charts either. That means GSW will have
a decent chance to draft Rubio outright.


3 years from GSW could have a lineup of:

Ricky Rubio

Monta Ellis

Anthony Randolph

Brendan Wright

Andris Biedrins


With bench players like

Kelenna Azubuike

Marco Bellineli

Stephen Jackson or Corey Maggette

Their 2010 1st round pick


That would be a very fun team to watch and may be a great
way for Nellie to ride off into the sunset. He’d love to pass that team off to
a successor as his last coaching legacy.



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