Psych IS the Mentalist

Is it just me or is CBS’ new show The Mentalist, a pretty
blatant rip-off of Psych on USA?
don’t read enough entertainment news to know if this is a widely touted theft
but The Mentalist seems to clearly mimic the most important elements of Psych.


A charming cad (Hugh Grant will have the role in “The
Psychic Mentalist” whenever the movie is made) is presumed/claims to be psychic
but isn’t.


Said cad is not psychic but uses his gift for noticing the
details that elude most of us to make intuitive leaps that others assume are
psychic in nature.


Our beloved cad uses the ruse of being a psychic to help
others and of course, entertain America.


Hopefully the creators of Psych will get monthly payments
from CBS.




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