I love the sense of expectation

That happens in numerous ways, large and small,

throughout our everyday lives


I love looking at the clock

On frustrating weekday afternoons,

knowing my wife will be home in just a few minutes

I love standing out of a stretch

then stepping onto the court to shoot hoops

the same way I did as a kid


I love the space between the first and second

puff on an Onyx almost as much as the half second before

my students understand my jokes


I love the instant before Grandma recognizes my voice

And the time it takes my son to decide

if he'll squeeze me or mommy more tightly


I love sitting with a crowd,

celebrating today’s e pluribus unum

waiting for the last out of the game


I love all the moments that make me smile

even when I don't expect them. 


© Gayle Force Press 2007

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