Resurrection Day

Today is Easter
The Sunday of the Resurrection
And I’ve been told all day
In large ways and small
That I need to believe
I need to believe for myself
And I need to believe for her
For my mother who is now dead
In my eyes at least
If not in God’s
For me it’s still too hard
Since I’ve never been a joiner
And faith is a virtue
That eludes me
Sometimes I wish
I could share her spirit
The optimism, joy and laughter
(Oh, so much laughter)
I still can’t embrace it
Not yet at least
Because I just don’t know
Whether to laugh myself
Or to cry
Somewhere between her abiding faith
And my utter lack of it
May lie the truth
But I don’t think so
I can only believe
That one of us is totally right
I hope it’s her


© Gayle Force Press 2006

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