Congrats Lakers

LA just completed an impressive Finals run, putting Orlando into a class of teams (at least temporarily) they don't want to be in: overmatched Finals losers. (New Jersey, Portland, Cleveland and Philly are some recent joiners) 

There will be some intriguing questions as LA looks forward: Will they allow DFish to continue as their primary point guard? Will they choose to sign Ariza or Odom? Will Phil Jackson ride off into the sunset Auerbach style?

Orlando has to wonder if this was their only good chance at a title. Next year's Eastern Conference promises to be much stronger and the Magic may not be. They have a roster and a style that work well together but finding a replacement for Turkoglu may prove very difficult and the pressure on Dwight Howard to develop a competent offensive post game will be intense. Stan Van Gundy will also have lots of folks taking shots at him over the summer. There will not be much joy in having reached the Finals although that should be the dominant story for the Magic this year.

Hopefully the Lakers will celebrate (and since LA is so cash strapped, I think the team and Kobe should each pony up $1 mil for the parade; imagine the cascade of goodwill that will generate? That may be the final touch on Kobe's personality rehab of the last two years. Actually that rehab started with the Gasol trade; it's amazing how much NBA history has changed with that one trade, maybe I'll write about that soon.)  After the parade, we'll have wrapped a bow around this season then soon, the draft and the march to a 2010 champ begins anew. I love this game.


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