Raw Meat

June 15, 2009

Raw Meat

Baby oil boys club? Instant winner.

I had not guessed Trump as the RAW
buyer. Good stuff.

The World title match is the one I
really wanted to pay attention to this week. They twice teased the Tower of
Doom spot. Super fun. This match was really innovative in terms of using clever
3 way spots. I particularly enjoyed seeing Edge’s Sharpshooter being disrupted
by a sleeper; it was great of JR to fix Grisham’s error as the difference
between a chinlock and a sleeper is vast.

That being said, JR confused me later.
Since when are Triple Threat matches no DQ or countout affairs? And Jeff Hardy
was trying to become World champion for the first time. Huh? What on Earth was
he talking about?

Generally though, JR has been in great
form the last couple weeks, particularly doing a great job of explaining Punk’s
motivation without seeming like an apologist. Grisham and JR are fighting over
small package vs. inside cradle. Not so cute. Funny but not so cute.

So in the last 10 days, CM Punk has
defeated Umaga,  Umaga again in a strap match, won the World title over
Jeff Hardy, defeated IC champ Chris Jericho and now Edge, all clean! What an
incredible difference between this title reign and his first… BTW, Punk’s tape
spelled out MISAWA super classy.

Priceless hasn’t seemed to stick as a
team name for Rhodes and DiBiase so I think More Better should be the new name. The
only folks who’ve said ‘Great American Bash’ are More Better. How odd? Didn’t
someone give them direction on what to say? They were pretty awful but wow, not
to even get the memos. Ish.

Did Vince McMahon refer to someone
else as a pervert?

Both the WWE title and Battle Royale
matches were surprisingly short. Between that and the utter predictability of
RAW’s main event picture, is it any wonder so many folks are turning to
Smackdown instead?



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