Reason #255 I love Minnesota

Last night the Twins
played a home game against the White Sox, the team that is probably their
biggest rival. Last year, the teams tied after 162 games and the White Sox won
the tiebreaker game so they made the playoffs and the Twins had to go home. This
year, they are competing for a single playoff spot again. The Twins never have
any money and have lost some of their best players because of finance while the
Sox play in Chicago and have lots of money. Okay, that’s a little background.


Last week, the Sox pitcher
Mark Buehrle pitched a perfect game which means no one reached base against him
for the whole game. Last night, he continued that streak for a few innings
setting a major league record for most consecutive batters retired.


When the streak ended, the
Twins fans gave Buehrle a prolonged standing ovation. In lots of cities there
would have been polite applause with a few scattered fans standing but this was
a broad, sustained, almost complete standing ovation for the opposing pitcher.


Yep, Reason #255.




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