Rambis replacing McHale


I have been expecting to see something about this since it happened but so far nothing so here goes…

Isn't it wonderfully ironic that it's Kurt Rambis who is replacing Kevin McHale as the coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves? After all, in the most famous NBA scene of violenceof the 1980s, it was McHale who gave Rambis a flying clothesline in the NBA Finals. The Barry Windham move changed the tenor of the series and helped lead Boston to the title.

Now Rambis gets the job McHale a) wanted to keep and b) proved he could perform competently. I would feel badly for McHale if he hadn't deserved the pink slip to be delievered several years earlier. Good luck Rambis. McHale was such a bad GM coaching this team may feel much more painful than the clothesline 25 years ago.




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