Sean Tuohy

A couple years back I wrote a post in which I said I'd like to meet Sean Tuohy, the broadcaster for Memphis Grizzlies basketball. My only reason is that he seemed like the nicest guy around. In an industry in which self-promotion is only secondary to unabashed employing team promotion, Tuohy was consistently honest and kind, even when it did not obviously serve his interests. 

Somehow, today things clicked for me and I recognized his name from promos about the movie 'The Blind Side' starring Sandra Bullock. I haven't seen the movie yet and I may not but I thought I should check and see if Sean Tuohy has a Wikipedia page. He does. Clearly, Tuohy is rich enough that he doesn't need the job and since he has a career outside of basketball that may explain why he's liberated to be so honest. Whatever the cause, I respect his professional generosity. And I still want to meet him. 


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