Musical Spin-offs?

Something on TV sparked my inner monologue to begin singing “Wide Open Spaces” by the Dixie Chicks. That felt surprising but then I realized that I was actually ‘hearing' a version of that song the Dixie Chicks performed on TV with James Taylor. JT is one of my 10 favorite solo artists and I discovered the Dixie Chicks through that song and that performance. Since then, I’ve realized that I like lots more of their music but I would not have known that if it were not for my introduction to them via JT. I think this means that the Dixie Chicks are a ‘spin-off’ music group for me. I didn’t discover them because of themselves but because of another artist I liked. Very few musical acts are legitimate spin-offs in the same way that television shows or movies can be, but in my brain they’re pretty similar. (Funkadelic and Poco are the two true spin-off groups I think of first.)


I’m interested in this notion of ‘spin-off’ artists. What are your spin-off stories?


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