Remix America

I wrote this poem a couple years ago and a NY Times article today encouraged me to post it. I love the phrase and the sentiment behind it.

Remix America



Mestizo mulatto hyphenated hybrid

Mixed up creole cultural mélange of meaning

As who we are and what we used to be pale
next to tomorrow’s endless postmodern possibilities of

Perpetual people driven progress


All the ‘I’s and ‘US’s can become ‘They’s and ‘We’s sooner than YouTube presents the next

Macaca spewing hate monger would be divider

Who unites us in disdain

For his antiquated rhetoric of race,

Religion and righteousness

The 3 Rs that used to keep the South backwards,

Black folks scared and the rarely compassionate conservatives

entrenched in their oh so corrupting power


The beauty of the remix

And the America it is frenetically remaking

Is that all the little boxes

Will mean the very same thing in the end


More empty spaces we can fill

Exactly as we choose


© Gayle Force Press 2008

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