I’m a Political Man… and I Practice What I Preach

Hey, I love the Cream song 'Politician'.


I'm in the storm before the calm of Finals week. Spending time to blog has felt like a true luxury item as of late. I hope to take some time to do more this weekend.


Today's big, early DC news is kinda local for me. Ft. Wayne IN is a couple hours away. (Close enough that I've driven to a bar there to watch my favorite unknown guitarist perform. Blessings, EJ.) Their US Rep Mark Souder resigned today because of a sexual relationship with a staffer. This is perfect timing for me because my US History classes are learning about Bill Clinton's impeachment trial.


Part of the follow up involves comparing the expectations we have of high school students at a Jesuit school compared to the expectations of the American public for our Presidents. When students learn that the leaders of the House prosecution of Clinton, Henry Hyde and Newt Gingrich, also had extramarital affairs, they are shocked. Hopefully the Souder news will help indicate how common this situation is among political figures.


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