Presentation Struggles…

I’m presenting at an education conference next week. While I’m expecting to enjoy it, I’ve discovered an interesting challenge. My dual topics are the utility of horrific images and the value of exploring controversial issues.


In my upper level elective classes, we often watch very disturbing movies, look at disquieting pictures, read challenging articles, discuss uncomfortable propaganda and ask unanswerable questions. My brain understands the connections involved and the value of using material that sparks discomfort. During the course of a semester, my students understand what we’re accomplishing. They get it. Most of them give strong feedback and feel as though the grow from the way class is organized.


Even though I’ll be using some material from classes to demonstrate what I try to do and why we use material others shy away from, it’s going to be hard to translate a semester’s worth of resources, relationships and experiences into a half hour presentation. Challenge!



One thought on “Presentation Struggles…

  1. Sorry I’m just catching up now, but I wanted to chime in here. I think what you do is really important, but you trying to show other people how to do it worries me a little.
    Because I can totally see how you can pull it off expertly, in large part because of who you are and the effect your presence has on people.
    But you probably don’t realize how personal that is, and I’m afraid it’s not particularly teachable or transferable. You can’t tell them “make sure you’re like me when you do this because otherwise you may cause damage” even if it’s true.
    I hope they are careful. And I hope it went well, as I’m sure it did.


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