Be Very Very Quiet, It’s a Police Car

On the way to the store I was stopped at the one traffic light on my route. At the front of the line, 2 cars ahead of me, was a police cruiser. When the light changed to green, nothing happened. Really nothing happened. Nothing happened for so long that a car opposite us at the light turned left.  It was several, maybe 10 seconds. I honked the horn and the police car began moving. I live in a part of town that has grown dramatically in the last few years. People are consistently impatient drivers and I often hear honking within the first half second of a changed light. Sometimes, folks honk simply because the lead car is not going fast enough out of the chute. I began wondering if the fact that it was a police car is what kept everyone (else) from using their horn. Do people fear the police enough that they believe they will have a negative consequence from blowing a horn at a police car?




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