Say It Loud!


These kinds of stories (this one is about Kokomo, IN) demonsrate the short term impact of the stimulus bill and who knows how vast the long term impacts will be. The biggest problem with the Obama administration is the typical liberal concept that good works are sufficient. Good works are rarely sufficient! Broadcasting successes, loudly and frequently, should be standard operating procedure. Everyone seems to agree that bad news travels fast but good news often stays put.


I have begun thinking that I need to put this idea into practice in my own life. I try so hard to be thoughtful and considerate that I don’t do a good job of letting, or even allowing, people to know when I have important successes. Being afraid to appear arrogant or self-aggrandizing sounds nice but where do nice guys finish?


Okay, I don’t actually believe nice guys finish last. But do you know where they do finish? I don’t. That’s because they’ve never told me. They were looking out for my feelings instead.





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