The Minnesota Vikings- The Ewing Theory 2012 Super Bowl Champions!


As a Vikings fan, I am desperately holding onto hope for this season (Rodgers is the next Packer to hit the IR, the Bears play like they are who we think they are and the Lions, well, never mind.) but if none of that works out, here’s a new possibility for us. The Ewing Theory! In a nutshell, this idea says that many teams dramatically exceed expectations in the season after their signature star leaves the team. Examples abound.


The Vikings will be a perfect candidate after Brett Favre, their Hall of Fame bound quarterback, fails in his quest to bring the Vikes that elusive Super Bowl win (and move up the list of all-time greats). He's "Ewing".


Brad Childress will be fired and Leslie Frazier will be his replacement, giving the team a renewed emphasis on defense. Tarvaris Jackson is not the incompetent many of his detractors claim and combined with Adrian Peterson and a healthy receiving corps, the Vikings will be at least average offensively. In the weakened NFC, the combination of a solid offense, aggressive defense, awesome home field advantage and a giant chip on their collective shoulders may be enough to make a deep playoff run.


(If Childress is fired this year, there’s some modified Ewing Theory hope for this season. Randy Moss would be the Ewing in that scenario.)


Now, if only there were some hope for the Timberwolves…






One thought on “The Minnesota Vikings- The Ewing Theory 2012 Super Bowl Champions!

  1. I’ve already been challenged on this. It is very hard to be a MN sports fan!
    The last MN championship was in 1991. I was 17. That’s waaay too long. Especially since we’ve been tantalizingly close so many times since then.
    The Wolves made the conference finals vs. LA in the year Detroit won the title. If Cassell or Hudson had stayed upright, the Wolves might have done it.
    The Twins make the playoffs and get swept every other year.
    The Vikings? Gary Anderson misses one kick all year in 98 and it’s the one that would have taken them to the Super Bowl. Last year? ISH.
    Being a MN sports fan really is painful. Especially since we keep supplying Boston teams like we’re a Triple A city. Big Papi, Moss, KG… Again, ISH.
    But next year. There’s always next year.


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