The Presidents of Black America

I'm thinking about the notion of Barack Obama as the first Black President. Another interesting thing to me is that there have been lots of Presidents of Black America. So far, here's my list. I wonder what will happen in a post-Obama world when he'll be the icon but no longer the US President. Hmmm.


Past Presidents of Black America

Frederick Douglass

Abraham Lincoln

Booker T. Washington

W. E. B. DuBois

Marcus Garvey

Franklin Roosevelt

Martin Luther King

Malcolm X

Martin Luther King (again)

Jesse Jackson

Bill Clinton

Barack Obama


And no, I don't think Minister Farrakhan or Reverend Sharpton belong.




One thought on “The Presidents of Black America

  1. It certainly will be interesting to see the United States after Obama has left office. There are certainly signs now, as the re-election campaign takes shape, that in some respects the country has made very limited progress.
    I choose to remember the pride I felt on election night – knowing that the long nightmare of Dubya was ending.
    Looking forward to 2012… I’m IN!


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