GOP Debate in New Hampshire… New Hampshire?!?


I’m excited for the GOP Presidential debate tonight. It’s such a peculiar field of candidates that I don’t understand who will or should look best. Some of these folks are just not viable contenders in the long term but can be important players in the process.


What an odd mix! There are only two current office holders in this debate, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul, and they’re both in the House. I recognize that the GOP is very anti-government these days but even if you pretend that the government is the biggest problem in America, don’t we all want someone connected to the government to run it? It certainly seemed that that’s what the GOP wanted in 2008 when Senator McCain’s biggest campaign speaking point was his depth of experience. Aye carumba.


If nothing else, I’ll be curious to see which of these folks attack each other. While they’ll all attack President Obama (especially Herman Cain*), I wonder if the speculation is true that it will also be a gang attack on Mitt Romney. Although I understand why that would be appealing, there’s also the clear possibility that Romney could use those attacks to present himself as the outsider. And as we all know, America loves an underdog. Even a fabulously wealthy, ultra-successful outsider. So much good political fun ahead!




*- A friend forwarded me this interesting piece of speculation on Cain’s likely role in this process. Racists? Why would someone think Tea Partiers have racist leanings?



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