P Manning Up, Colts Down

How important is Peyton Manning to the Colts? Witness Visual Exhibit A. http://espn.go.com/nfl/team/rankings/trended/_/name/ind/indianapolis-colts


Some folks are suggesting that Peyton Manning should receive MVP votes because the Colts are so woeful without him. I don’t genuinely believe that especially in a year of outsized achievement by players throughout the NFL. I do think the season cements his legacy in a way nothing besides a 2nd Super Bowl title could.


Manning's closest competitor for the title of 'best QB on Earth' has long been Tom Brady. Remember that in the season Brady missed, his Patriots were 11-5.  That group may well be the best ever team to miss the playoffs. While they certainly missed Tom Terrific, his absence was manageable. This season the Colts are healthier than they were last year when they went 10-6 and won the AFC South yet without Manning they are abysmal. 


This year is a clear indication of Peyton’s value. Speaking of which, if Carson Palmer can fetch first- and second-round draft picks, what’s Manning’s trade value? If you’re in charge of Dallas, Chicago, Minnesota, Houston, Baltimore or the Jets, aren’t you willing to trade your starting quarterback and your next two years of first- and second-round draft choices for a healthy Manning? Aren’t you?





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