NBA 2011-12 preseason predictions



1. LeBron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Zach Randolph

Rookie of the Year:

1. Kemba Walker

2. Kawhi Leonard

3. Kyrie Irving


Most Improved Player:  

1. Greg Monroe

2. Derrick Favors

3. Mike Conley


Coach of the Year:  

1. Rick Adelman

2. Lionel Hollins

3. Erik Spoelstra


Pacific Division Champion:  Los Angeles Clippers

Northwest Division Champion:  Oklahoma City Thunder

Southwest Division Champion:   Memphis Grizzlies

Southeast Division Champion:  Miami Heat

Central Division Champion:  Chicago Bulls

Atlantic Division Champion:  New York


Western Conference Champion:  Memphis Grizzlies

Eastern Conference Champion:  Miami Heat


NBA Champion:  Miami Heat


This year will be the kind of regular spring that will allow for the players to have more control over games than coaches. That’s  a substantial shift from the past decade plus when tight reined coaches have attempted to dictate every element of gameplay.


This year, many games will be decided by depth, continuity, energy and intensity.  Young teams with intact cores and excellent playmakers will triumph over defense and system oriented teams. I’m looking forward to seeing a few 130-128 games and the changing of the guard portended by last year’s playoffs.  Can anyone say- Grizz/Heat Finals?




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