The Michael Jordan Finals MVP Award


Yesterday, I suggested that the NBA honor its greatest champion by changing the name of the league title to the Bill Russell Trophy. As good an idea as that is, it causes a potential conundrum because the Bill Russell Finals MVP Award is already given to an individual for his Finals performance. As I mentioned yesterday, the idea of a Finals specific MVP came about in 1969 so Russell never won the award. I think a sound argument can be made that the award would be more appropriately named after Michael Jordan.


Jordan after all won 6 Finals MVPs and is widely considered the greatest individual player in league history.[i] Jordan, like Russell, is an important enough figure that the trophy would retain its distinction. In fact, among the fans to whom the NBA consistently markets, this move would be considered an elevation in status.


Now if we could convince Russell and Jordan to share the stage and deliver the trophies together… WOW!






[i] While I disagree with that contention, I understand why people (especially those 40 and under) believe it true.



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