In the late 70s I listened to lots of White music

And acts like the Bee Gees, KC and the Sunshine Band, Hall
and Oates and Elton John seemed as natural to listen to as the Bar-Kays, Maze
and Earth, Wind and Fire

So it didn’t really take that long for me to figure it out

When the old White guy told me I was Bumpus

At first I thought he asked me a question and maybe he did
but I heard bupkus so the look on my face was revealing enough to prompt him to
tell me, not ask

Who I was

“The horn player, y’know”

By which time I did since bupkus can only go so far in your

Before it runs into Bumpus

But since I was in grammar school when the Doobie Brothers
broke up

And Bumpus has to be at least twenty years my senior

I was still perplexed that this guy could think we could be
the same person

So even though I know that black don’t crack it seemed to me

The more appropriate aphorism

Is that to some people

Black folks all look alike



© Gayle Force Press 2002




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