NBA 2012-13 Preseason Predictions


MVP:  LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul

Rookie of the Year:
 Anthony Davis, Damien Lillard, Harrison

Most Improved Player:
 Derrick Favors, Omer Asik, DeMarcus

Coach of the Year:
 Lionel Hollins, Erik Spoelstra, George

Pacific Division
:  Los Angeles Clippers

Northwest Division
:  Oklahoma City Thunder

Southwest Division
:   Memphis Grizzlies

Southeast Division
:  Miami Heat

Central Division
:  Indiana Pacers

Atlantic Division
:  Brooklyn Nets


Western Conference Champion:  Memphis Grizzlies

Eastern Conference Champion:  Miami Heat


NBA Champion:  Miami Heat


There are many teams with the potential to be great this
year, I’m excited to see how high they manage to climb. The LA teams, Spurs,
Thunder, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Heat, Nets, Pacers, Bulls and Celtics all have a
chance to win 55 games. A few of those teams may even threaten 60 wins.


there’s only one team with a substantial margin for error and that’s the Heat.
If LeBron, DWade or Chris Bosh gets hurt, the team will suffer but not falter.
That’s the difference between Miami (and the pre-Harden trade Thunder) and
everybody else. 





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