Conversation with a friend inspired me to post this poem today. I still need more time. 





I’m thinking about my mortality

Wondering what my legacy could be

Where my journey might lead

I’ve often wondered how to describe my trip

What is it that I hope to do

Or gain, achieve

How, more importantly

Do I want to have lived


What I need out of life

Is that precious integration

Of all the different

Too often disparate

Elements of my being

To coalesce

And barring that miracle act

For me to pull them into the deliberate

Act of being me


I want so desperately to be everything

To fulfill every possibility,

Answer every question

Even though each new understanding

Only serves to further reveal my ignorance

Reminding me how far I am from the me

Of my fiercest dreams


I hope I get more time

I need it badly



© Gayle Force Press 2007




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