Hump Day Hoops: Anticipation



Here's the first of a weekly series of blog posts focused on my favorite sport, NBA basketball. I'll be happy to hear what you think about it.  


So far, the NBA season can still be summed up in this one word: anticipation.


I’m anticipating the rise of the superpower in Miami.


I’m anticipating magical duos in Oklahoma and Houston and LA and New Orleans


I’m anticipating beautiful ball movement and versatility in Minny and Oakland.


I’m anticipating fierce D from the Pacers and Bulls. And the Grizz and Spurs.


I’m anticipating the last gasps of my wife’s favorite player. And those of one of the twenty best of all-time.


I’m anticipating four or five guys who deserve to be first-team All NBA guards.


I’m anticipating All-Star rosters that has more guys under 25 than over 30.


I’m anticipating Kingly things from LeBron James.


I’m anticipating Kevin Durant to continue being this generation’s Alydar.


I’m anticipating missing David Stern just a little bit come June.


I’m anticipating one of the best seasons ever.



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