Starting Anew


Today was the first day of a new school year. Well, kinda. It was my first day back but kids don’t return till Tuesday[i]. Returning always elicits lots of different reactions but for me the core element is a sense of opportunity. I get another chance to do things better.


With each new year, I get another chance to try entirely new things in the classroom. I get another chance to learn from my students and colleagues. I get another chance to live a better life in a meaningful way doing meaningful work. It sounds hokey but it's true.  


That truth is the reason that every time I get nervous about paying bills or (not really) saving for college or driving a car that’s almost old enough to drive itself, my wife Rachel reminds me what my work life really means. And somehow, that’s more than enough. Always.


Even on the first day of school.



[i] Keep it down now, voices carry.

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