When Tomorrow Comes #2


I'm seeing integration

expressed in the million different ways

that define America

in the 21st century


Neighbors standing across a fence

my almostkindabuddy

prodding the little girl in his arms to smile

while speaking to me


Sharing stories of dogs and kids,

potholes and the weather

The small, simple recognitions of community

That are welcome prophecies of transformation

Fleeting, powerful moments of joy and recognition

begging for sustainability and sanction


Oh, if only our churches

and clubs and families

would do the unthinkable, could somehow do

the impossible, next generation inevitable

hard work of embrace


Ah, the sweet embrace that’s waiting

To be given and claimed

By untold millions

And my own White son,

still learning to be a man

and fully human


Needing to be told over and over

You are not alone

because Michael Jackson was right

and you, my child and most precious creation


are the hope and future of our people,

of all the people

whose hard earned righteousness

will lead us,

must lead us, to the glorious shore

of a future

authentically prophesied

with love and deepest understanding


Mijo, you ARE the Dream

I only wish I could explain it,

without crying


I'm still worried you might confuse my tears

with sadness though really

its all joy


So much joy

for the man you will be

and the life you will live


My sweat mingles with those unavoidable tears

And my laughter and my envy

and my love and my joy for you

because I wish I could live to know it


Still, I am free enough for now


In the sacred vestment of love

I am blessed to be the poet

Celebrating the poetry


And I thank you for becoming a poem

Of the future

Even more than a prophecy

The clear vision of today

You will help to create

And manifest with your life

And your vision

And every tomorrow



© Gayle Force Press 2015 



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