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Tweet Your Way to a Win?


I wonder how much influence social media will have on the Iowa caucuses. Isn’t there a real possibility that there will be important outcomes during the caucus based on the (perceived?) momentum of candidates?


It’s easy for me to anticipate scenarios wherein early caucus victories for one candidate have a cascading effect on other caucuses’ outcomes. Small caucuses or caucus sites with relative unanimity can realistically finish their process quite early.  Even before there are official announcements, folks on the scene can relay their information to large numbers of other Iowans via Twitter. Especially in a contest with such a vast number of uncommitted voters, it’s not hard to imagine many folks deciding to go with the flow and vote for the candidate with early success.


Is this where Ron Paul’s ground game will win the day? After all, his network in Iowa is largely built around the kind of young, energetic supporters who will be likely to connect with each other and ardently encourage others to support the Good Doctor.


If Paul has a surprisingly good showing tonight, the ability of his supporters to share information broadly and instantly may be a key factor.


Will the rise of social media be permanently transformative in Iowa politics? National politics? 








One Thing I Don’t Like Is…


When I type ‘E’, my computer doesn’t go to automatically. This is not a good sign. Let me explain. 


I love sports. I enjoy reading, thinking, watching and even writing about sports. Yet, my computer’s default for ‘E’ is Edline, a Website that I use to update grades, share resources and provide assignments for my students. What the computer is trying to tell me is simply that I use Edline more than I use ESPN. <smh> I repeat: This is not a good sign. 


It’ll be great to have Winter Break arrive so I can give ESPN the place of prominence it deserves!






Not Quite the Jetsons…

… but now our trash pickup service now seems ultra modern. We have a driver who moves the trash truck into position, releases a mechanism and grasps the trash can. It looks fast, efficient and safe. It also looks like there will be less need for sanitation workers. The down side of progress.

Here’s the closest visual I could find (in 45 seconds of searching).



NBA Jam is Fantastic!

Here's an NBA junkie's confession…I was never fixated on NBA Jam but I feel now as though I missed out. Highlights from this article include discovering that:


Shaq not only owned two machines but made one of them the team travel video game. Yes, they carried it on the road!

Michael Jordan and Gary Payton were on the same team. Kinda.

Bill Clinton and 'The Big Hurt' Frank Thomas both had characters.

The game is haunted. Well, that's what the creator of the game says at least.

Check it out.



10 Minutes or Less


YouTube has a new policy that limits uploads to 10 minutes.




YouTube can do whatever it wants to do but I wish they’d
reconsider. 10 minutes is simply not very much time. Copyright issues are the
likely concern but realistically there’s no reason to assume that people who
are willing to violate copyright laws will be unwilling to chunk their illegal
materials into bite sized intervals. For folks who want to use YouTube for
legitimate, worthwhile (or even frivolous but harmless) purposes, this time limit
is simply silly.