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Numbers Never Lie…


I realized I was experiencing the confusion of numbers. Multiple times in
this one day I realized that I felt just a little baffled. And every time there
were numbers involved. Here are a couple examples.

live at roughly 39.8 n Latitude and on 10/25 the high temperature was about 80
degrees. The forecast high for 10/26? 49 degrees.

prices typically have some variation and I’m accustomed to seeing significant
shifts in the span of a mile. I’m not accustomed to massive price differences
between stations at the same intersection but yesterday I saw gas priced at $3.17@
the Speedway on the southwest corner of Thompson and Arlington while at the
northwest corner Village Pantry’s regular gas cost $3.49.


No meaning here; just confusion. 







Driving with Blinders


A few days ago I had an interesting reminder of how economically privileged I am. See, I couldn’t quite figure out the gas pump.



I drive lots of miles and buy gas at least twice a week. What I usually do is simply swipe my credit or debit card, pump my gas and leave.  Well, on this particular Saturday, I wanted to buy a couple extra items inside the store connected to the gas station.  So, I thought to myself, how about I pay for my gas along with the other purchases?



That was my trouble; I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I pressed the button to pay inside but the machine wanted me to pay inside then come back out and pump the gas. But how would I know how much the gas would cost?



I wasn’t interested enough to see if there were some other option so I just paid at the pump then went inside and bought the other items separately.



It was only then that I realized how long it’s been since I’ve had to decide to buy gas based on how much it was going to cost instead of how much I needed for my car.  There’s a big difference between those two thought processes.



I look for the lowest priced gas and when I find it, I simply fill up the tank. Until I finished grad school I always bought gas based on how much I was able to spend.  Often that $5 or $10 but sometimes it was $3.50 or even $2 on a couple occasions. Now that’s never the way I make decisions about gas. Really, I don’t even think about what I’m doing enough to describe it as decision making.



Many of the folks I saw in line Saturday had a very specific amount of money to spend on gas and make decisions based on that reality.  I had to have a reminder that there are even those decisions to be made.



How fortunate am I?